i make.you wear it

Every child has a right to grow up and not be blemished by child abuse and neglect.  As parents the fight against child abuse and neglect is very close to our hearts.

NAPCAN – the National Association for Prevention against Child Abuse and Neglect makes it their mission to prevent child abuse and neglect and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every Australian child.  Rachel Burke is the amazing lady behind “i make. you wear it.” fashion/craft project.  Rachel’s project embarked on making a dress every Saturday evening from 7 August until 1 January, in the space of about 2-3 hours, for a range of different ladies. This endeavour is all in pursuit of raising $25,000 for NAPCAN: Preventing Child Abuse in Australia, and contributing to the wonderful work that they do to improve the lives and wellbeing of children.  How amazing! 

Rachel’s project has drawn to and end and she is celebrating and so she should. 

from Rachel’s facebook page …
“Finally! the i make. you wear it. party is a-happening. Complete with dinner, entertainment, fashion parade and general frivolity, stay posted on how to book tickets to the event…all proceeds going to NAPCAN: preventing child abuse and neglect in Australia!”

Here are the details –

247 St Paul’s Terrace
Spring Hill, QLD Australia
31 March 2011
BUY your tickets here

 Can’t make it but would love to show your support – you can contact Rachel here

i make.you wear it

Paper Runway Magazine cannot attend the event but will certainly be supporting NAPCAN.

x The Paper Runway Team

image via i make. you wear it


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