shiny happy people

we were recently emailed an introduction to The Smile Collection and fell in love with the idea – the beginning of The Smile Collection is a really lovely story …

words from their website

Ironically, the idea for The Smile Collective was born out of a great big case of ‘overwhelm’. Juggling the roles of mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend AND a small business owner does  tend to give one’ s life a continuous sense of the “out of control” (I can hear you all nodding!) and generally speaking, ‘overwhelm’ is never far away.

So there I was in the first couple months of this year, using my regular morning runs to assist me in emotionally keeping my head above water, when, over the course of two runs, the seeds of The Smile Collective were planted.

Usually when I run, I listen to a podcast and am a slave to my watch. One morning though, I just needed a mental break so I went ‘old school’ … no electronics, just me and my legs. And that’s when I realised that when I run, I never take in my surroundings, or the people who are out there at the same time. So on this day I decided to soak up the scenery AND smile at every single person I saw.The effect was amazing. They smiled back! Faces that were sullen and guarded suddenly transformed. They became engaging and open. By the time I got home I was high on smiles. It really kicked my day off beautifully.

A couple of days later, I was cruising along again, soaking up the smiles when I saw up ahead of me an elderly gentleman. He was clearly out for his regular morning walk and was snappily attired in long pants, a button up long sleeve shirt … and the biggest set of noise cancelling headphones I have ever seen (like the ones DJs wear!). He couldn’t have had any music on because as I came up on his shoulder he turned his head and gave me the loudest, chirpiest “GOOD MORNING!” I have ever received. I gave a startled “Good morning” back and then giggled to myself the rest of the way home. Every time I thought about that gentleman for the rest of the day, it brought a smile to my face.

So that got me thinking, ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have a website where people could share stories and jokes and pictures and thoughts – anything that brings a smile to their face’. I thought such a website could be a place where people could go to find relief from overwhelm and hopefully brighten their days.

And so The Smile Collective was born :)

We hope you have a happy shiny weekend.

image via The Smile Collection

x The Paper Runway Team


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