Colour your World by Elle Alihos

Why not create the world you want by introducing colour into your life? The only form of energy in which the eye can see, the entire enchanting spectrum of colours is derived from light. It is this soul nourishing light which is classified as the purest healing force in the whole universe.  It is magic made visible.

Applying the healing power of colour to illustrate your sense of style and individuality can actually enrich your life and result in a vibrant approach to living an artful and creative life. Identifying your personal colour palette is an exciting journey in which you can introduce new shades and hues to illustrate your emotions and moods.

Whether you are a romantic lover or truthful realist, harness the power visible light to reflect your personality. If I were a colour, I would be dressed pretty in pink and singing the merry blues. Strawberry, rose, blossom, fuchsia, cotton candy or bubble gum nothing beats the feminine nature of pink. The friendliest and kindest colour in the spectrum this gentle and nurturing hue promotes the feelings of tender love and care. The power of pink is enough celebrate hope and evoke feelings of intense emotions. Every shade of this hue symbolizes sensuality, passion and romance. What more could you want?

Creative soul Vincent Van Gogh once famously said, “I never get tired of the blue sky”. We are fortunate to be graced by the colour blue. Its sheer presence in the beaming blue sky to the crystal deep hues of the ocean, an injection of turquoise is enough to provoke an immense amount of emotion. Get in touch with your feelings, embrace blue and awaken your empathy. The universal power of blue is considered to be the colour of the mind and refines our ability to concentrate. Colour therapists suggest that this soothing hue frees us of thought and introduces positivity.

Remember… there is no rule when it comes to colour – have fun making your own rules and have fun breaking them too. So… what colour would you be?

{all images provided by Elle Alihos and are subject to copyright}


10 responses to “Colour your World by Elle Alihos

  1. Absolutely love your article!! So enchanting and thought-provoking… I cannot wait to see more of your work! Your post inspired me to think about what colour I’d choose… I’d be an amalgamation of the bright and vibrant colours from a peacock’s feather… So incredibly graceful and it symbolises immortality – a person’s pure soul and resurrection. The colours of the peacock “shine curiously like stars, and do cast about them sparks of the colour of the Rainbow…” – Sir Theodore de Mayerne (1634)

  2. Beautiful inspiring article! Thank you!

  3. Ooooh thank you for the lovely post Paper Runway! Xx

  4. Very insightful! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  5. Such are beautiful article. You’re so very talented!

  6. My fav colour is purple….royal purple to be exact. Love this Elle!!

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  8. I am the color blue, i love creating and being apart of awkward moments:)

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