MT love – Part 1

If you have read Issue 1 of Paper Runway you would have read all about Jayde Leeder’s little love affair with masking tape {lucky Steve’s not the jealous type 😉 }.  Over the next few weeks we will be featuring a few more of Jayde’s ideas on how to use MT


What you need

  • Masking Tape as many or as little colours as you like
  • Scissors
  • String,ribbon, shoelaces etc etc, try to reuse old things you have in the cupboard when possible

What to do

  • Cut length of String leaving enough on either end to tie to wherever you are decorating
  • the MT can be as small or as long as you desire. If you want 5cm hanging tape, then cut a little bit above 10cm
  • place MT sticky side up and place string on top of tape in the middle
  • fold tape over strip so both sticky sides stick to each other (that’s a lot of “sticky”)
  • snip bottom off to desired size and to neaten up edge, or cut to the shape of a pointed flag.
  • hang behind a chair at a party or use as a headband for kids!
  • or simply attach to a wall to pretty it up

Jayde’s pretty pictures

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One response to “MT love – Part 1

  1. Such a simple idea with such a gorgeous result! Love it!

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