Press this, Press that, Digitalpress

Digitalpress was founded in 2005 by Theo Pettaras. The vision for Digitalpress was to offer clients an alternative to traditional offset and regular digital printers. The aim – to be the most innovative in the industry, and that they are. Digitalpress are known for their innovative, higher than high quality and cutting edge digital printing techniques, combine that with smart IT know-how and voila the end product is high quality, innovative, print solutions everytime.

Theo and his team breathed printed life into the pages of Paper Runway.  Theo’s skill, ideas and patience have prevailed in our plight to bring Paper Runway to fruition. His hardworking team have prepped, printed, taken the mignight “oh sh!t” email, cut the sexy rounded corners and sewn Paper Runway together – thank you.

In each issue of Paper Runway, Theo will give our readers insight into a variety of printing processes and so much more.  You can read Theo’s article “todays’ print renaissance” in Issue 1, page 61.

You can join Theo at A4 Paper Convention where he will talk about print and paper in the era of digital.

Where – The Paper Mill Angel Place, Ash Street, Sydney CBD

When – 6-7pm 3 June 2011

Cost – $10

There are limited tickets so purchase your tickets here
For more details on Digital Press

call 1300 377 377
x Nikki & Maree

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