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Jayde Leeder has been kind enough to share a bit about her world.  Jayde is the owner of Little Paper Lane in Mona Vale.  She describes her shop as the candy shop for paper lovers (secretly jealous!).  Jayde is so delightful, she’s always cheerful and is genuinely a totally “rad” [yes Jayde we had to get that in there for you 😉 ] chic, and she stocks Paper Runway! Enjoy…

Tell us about your background and how did you get to where you are today?

I have always been trying new things finding my place in the world, I have been a makeup artist part time, I have started so many interior design courses by correspondence I don’t remember how many now, but never ever finish them because I would be too busy starting a new course or learning to knit or starting the gym (I still start the gym every 6 months, it last about 2 months). I was a Nanny for 6 years to the best family ever that allowed for me to start my own family as well as gave me the nudge to start my shop! I was there as their nanny because well there was 4 boys and anyone with 4 boys would need a little help, but their lovely Mum has a shop in Inverell with her Mother and she decided to open another shop here in Mona Vale. After watching the effort and care and really the love she has for her shop I knew I could use my passion for Stationery and paper gifts and do my own shop. She gave me advice and even helped me merchandise the shop the first time we opened it was really all meant to be!

Where do you call home?

I call home North Avalon, and I actually really don’t think I could move. I am usually a bit itchy sitting still in one place I like the adventure of new homes and new places to live….that’s the Sagittarius in me, but it feels so right being in Avalon and it seems to fit for us! I was born in Victoria and when I visit my family there it feels like home too even though I only lived there as a baby, we visit so much and I guess your home is where your family is! My husband is Canadian and we lived  in Canada for a couple of years as well and that very much feels like home and I miss it a lot….good excuse for holidays though.

Tell us about your business

We are a Paper gifts boutique, mainly stationery gifts, but little bits and bits that fit well in this happy little shop! I try and find unique gifts from everywhere, I find them at Trade fairs and etsy or madeit, and magazines are a great source of finding new products! But we are just really a very happy papery shop!

Who or what inspires you?

I would have to say the people that make the products that I sell in my shop! I always try and find out  little bit about the person or people behind the products and try and follow them on social networking, because they are honestly amazing and tocreat the things they do just amazes me…..and my Mum, cos she is seriously a machine! She works in here she has her own business and works full time as well as book keeping and taking care of her home and family and is the best GG (gorgeous grandma) to my iggy(3yrs) and niece…she is superawesome!

What have the highlights been since starting your career?

I honestly love that people come back to my shop! I know its simple but that was the whole point! I have had a few celebrities in here and have chatted with editors of magazines and been featured in different things which I am absolutely  stoked and those things make me get the biggest high and happy face and I so appreciate the support, but at the end of the day this shop is just for everyone to love and enjoy and the fact they come back is the highlight of my life, it makes what I do so worth it! I really love my customers, they are becoming my friends and its so lovely!

Were you given any memorable advice that you would like to share?  

My Mum has always told me that 90% of the things we worry about don’t happen, so don’t sit there worrying about them!  I try my hardest not to stress about things, and although it doesn’t always work out as stress is a tricky temptress, I always breath, and try and tell myself it will work out! Cos even if it doesn’t, at least I wasn’t a crazy person in the lead up to it and can handle the situation with a much level head!

How do you maintain a balance between your work and your life? (or not?)

I am lucky enough to have a husband that has a business that can be a little flexible as well as his own business he is a graphic designer and a very good retail worker.  I also have an excellent family that helps a lot! My Mum works for me and is also a great GG (Gorgeous Grandma) and she keeps the shop quite organised! So I think just having great support from family has really been the only way to balance it out! I do try to not jump on the computer until Iggy is in Bed and then stay up a bit later but it works well for us!!

Describe your favourite paper item

Ohhhh I don’t have one particular favourite, but I have always loved hardbound journals/notebooks with plain pages! My whole life I would search for pretty ones and generally only ever found black art books, so when I find a beautiful notebook it’s a very happy day!

Do you have a “usual” day?

Well most days are similar, we are not early risers in our house so 8-8:30 is wake up time and then rush around getting ready, my brain Is not wired for mornings, so I try not to work too much in the morning unless I haven’t got through emails from the night before, but once Iggy is off to Kindy I go to the shop and do orders or emails unpack orders and merchandise chat with customers do fun interviews like this (those days are the best) I am generally out of the shop by about 6pm and because I am a Mum, I always leave to get home for dinner….shop stuff  is important and usually we get it done but if it doesn’t get all done in a day then it will get done the next day, being home for dinner is very important! I usually cook , but lately my husband has been home early and gets dinner ready so that is nice then just hang out with family do baths and books and bed, then back on the  laptop with work until my brain goes to sleep which is normally not too early! I love the night and because I am a girl, I can watch tv and do emails, facebook twitter 😉 haha such a  multi tasker 😉

What is your favourite place to hang out?

Seriously…it sounds really bad, but I am in love with my couch, it has everything, my remote control hangs out there and my laptop is there so I can work and there is a big area in front where my 3 year old can make a huge train track, its like the perfect place! Plus my husband is one of those husbands that brings drinks and snacks and heat packs(my back is a little sad)

What do you love most about what you do?

I love finding new products, I wish I could just buy products for the shop all day! Just being in the shop chatting with people is so nice

Answer these short questions?

I’m a walking contradiction, so this may be hard!

Black or White  
Black clothes-white hair and accessories
Tea or Coffee 
Coffee in the morning Tea at night
Heals or flats    
Flats all day everyday-heels all in my wardrobe still in boxes…yet I still buy them
Short or long 
Long skirts, short hair
Sweet or savoury
Savoury……sweet every now and then
Night or Day     
Night every time

You can find Jayde’s lovely little paper shop here –

Little Paper Lane
Shop 5 1751 Pittwater Road Mona Vale

t 02 8407 9204


w (coming soon)


2 responses to “Advertiser Spotlight | Little Paper Lane

  1. I found myself nodding to almost everything Jayde said. Thanks for sharing Jayde, will definately pop into your shop next time I’m in Mona Vale, it sounds lovely.
    Suzie xx

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