Giveaway | How to be Lovely

Julie Le Sueur is the designer behind stationery business How to be Lovely.

How to be Lovely is all about art for everybody, much like the Art Nouveau Artists that have provided the inspiration with their beautiful decorative swirls and delicate elements of nature to Julie all through her career; they aim to make art a part of everyday life. Julie believes that everyone has the potential to be creative (and with a background of teaching Art, she would know).

How to be Lovely’s designs are based on original photographs and patterns from far off exotic locations, carefully blended with a good dose of original handmade paintings mixed media collage and sketches. 

Julie loves snooping around in antique shops, buying delicious fresh produce from farmers markets, having a heart to heart chat with a good friend over a steaming cup of tea or freshly brewed coffee, and don’t forget the freshly baked biscuits just out of the oven, barbecues on the veranda and a game of backyard cricket. But most of all she loves to spend time with family and friends to remember the big events as well as just letting them know they are in her thoughts.

To win a boxed set of How to be Lovely cards entitled “Brown paper packages tied up with string: these are a few of our favourite things”  simply purchase a copy of Issue 1 here or subscribe here.

x Nikki and Maree



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