GIVEAWAY | Week 10 – Leaf

Cath Connell is the passionate creator of Leaf.Paper for Life. Cath’s “Leaf” philosophy is – she believes in celebrating the life we live and has developed products that hold the essence of humanity and diversity as well bringing the fun and creative together.

In Cath’s words …

Leaf believes in innate creativity of children, and seeks to encourage kids to explore, learn and share their ideas and experiences.  Leaf was created out of an idea – that we need a new way to record, share and preserve our stories.

Paper has long, proven history of being an effective communication and archival medium. We still love curling up with a good book, receiving a beautiful invitation by snail mail or feeling the paper beneath our pens as we write our most intimate thoughts in a journal.

However, in our digital world, we have better, faster ways to record information. Digital cameras and computers are affordable and easily accessible. Our mobile phones take good quality photos and videos and provide access to the internet anytime, anywhere. We share our thoughts and images with friends, family and often, total strangers, via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and blogs.

Our lives are busier than ever.

We forget that we even have stories to tell, until our kids or grandkids ask questions like, “how did you meet Daddy?”, “what was I like when I was a baby?”, or “what did you do before Playstation?”

I grew up in a family that was into family history.  Unfortunately, my ancestors didn’t do anything particularly exciting, like learn to read and write, so we know very little about who were and how they lived, worked and raised their families. A name, date and a rare photograph are all that remain of lives that were once full of laughter, hardships, shared experiences and special moments. Their stories are gone, forever.

And yet our stories are what connect us with each other. They build understanding across the barriers of time, distance, culture and age. They are an essential part of what it means to be human.

Through Leaf, it is my aim to help you share your stories and celebrate your life, now and for generations to come.

You’ll love this pack of Life themed products from Leaf. 

  1. Add-a-Greeting Cards
    You’ll never be caught short from greeting cards ever again. Team these cute cards with the right message every time. Pick a card. Add your greeting sticker. Simple. Pack contains 8 greeting cards and envelopes and 14 Add-a-Greeting stickers. Printed in Australia on 100% recycled paper. RRP $21.95
  2. Notebook Duo
    These handy notebooks contain two notebooks – each with 96 lined or blank pages for your thoughts, plans, notes and ideas. Go forth. Create.
    Printed and handmade in Australia on 100% recycled paper. RRP $14.95
  3. Life Story Starter conversation cards
    Share your life stories with this fun story telling game. Perfect for birthdays, reunions, weddings special occasions or just celebrating life with family or friends. RRP $19.95

Clockwise from top left:

Image 1 – Add-a-Greeting Cards
Image 2 – Notebook Duo
Image 3 – Life Story Starters
Image 4 – Contents of Add-a-Greeting Card pack

To be in the running to a Life at Leaf pack simply purchase Issue 1 here or subscribe here

 x Nikki and Maree


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