Welcome Mr Yen

Today we welcome Mr Yen (also known as Jonathan Chapman) as our guest blogger to Paper Runway. Mr Yen will wow you each week with super cool posts, starting next week.

A bit about Mr Yen

Mr Yen studied at Leeds College of Art and gained a BA HONS in Graphic Design. After leaving University in 2010 he had the opportunity to work on a few freelance design projects for companies such as Computer Arts Magazine and LYNX. In between freelance projects he creates hand cut papercut artwork that is for sale here.

Mr Yen is a fully self-taught papercut artist and learnt to papercut through hours, days, months and years of practice, persistence and patience. All Mr Yen pieces are created by hand, with a scalpel and each design is cut from one single sheet of paper, with all materials being sourced from the UK.

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We are loving the “SixMonthPlan” hatched by Mr Yen, realising how quickly the year was flying by, here is his update on the “SixMonthPlan”

“I also thought I should update you on my development so far on my #SixMonthPlan…

* I’m in the process of arranging two Christmas window displays for this year! (one in Edinburgh and another in London!)

* I have been contacted by some very interesting people to create a few paper goodies for a wedding photo shoot.

* I have a potential new stockist in Canada

* I’m finishing up my application form for the Arts market in November to send out this week.

Still on my list, to achieve before the end of the year…

* A papercut book cover design.

* A papercut illustration for a cosmetic company.

* A few papercut illustrations for some editorial work.

* To create a papercut installation.

* To have my work displayed in a local business as an installation or art piece.

* To work with a paper company to promote their business using my papercuts

You can visit Mr Yen’s shop here and blog here and each week here on the Paper Runway Blog.

Welcome Mr Yen!

x Nikki and Maree


One response to “Welcome Mr Yen

  1. Mr Yen,
    Your talent is so very impressive and amazing, and your art is absolutely beautiful..
    I so look forward to seeing photos of your Christmas window displays for Edinburgh and London.

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