Top 5 Paper Gifts for Dad | Evan Gross Yellow Owl Workshop

Thanks Evan from Yellow Owl Workshop for his Father’s Day gift choices.  Yellow Owl Workshop creates limited edition paper goods, wedding correspondence and items for the home. Ready for the gallery wall, but formatted for everyday enjoyment, each article is made by hand with expert craft. Yellow Owl Workshop endeavors to create the most eco-lovin’ products by using use non-toxic water-based inks, 100% PCW recycled paper and they  do all the screen printing themselves.

The first is our 24K card – gold foil embossed on 100% PCW paper.  The coolest way to tell your dad that he’s as good as gold! Available online

The second is our “The Greatest” card – offset printed on 100% PCW paper.  Because dad is the greatest, duh. Available online

The last is our Mix Tape stamp set, for the hip fathers out there who used to make mix tapes for mom back when they were still young and in love. Available online

Card from Yellow Owl Workshop’s favourite card designer Gold Teeth

Letterpress card from Greenwich Letterpress

Visit Yellow Owl Workshop
650 Florida Street Unit E
San Francisco, CA 94110
p: (415)282-2025  f: (415)946-3331


4 responses to “Top 5 Paper Gifts for Dad | Evan Gross Yellow Owl Workshop

  1. Evan is AWESOME!!!!!

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  3. This specific article is incredibly usefull thx!

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