Much Love Monday | Green Hat Workshop

Okay so it’s not paper (it does share a common thread) but we totally in love with PLANKS from Green Hat Workshop.

(image via Green Hat Workshop)

Made from natural materials PLANKS are sturdy, long-lasting and unique building blocks for creative minds. Each PLANK is identical in size and shape allowing structures to be held together by gravity and balance alone.

From the smallest shapes to the tallest towers, PLANKS are inspiring and creative, educational and playful. For children and adults, PLANKS are great for individual play or group activities, encouraging a wonderful mix of creativity and skill, social development and imagination.

LIS creation from Green Hat Workshop.

The Green Hat Workshop is having a PLANK building event at the Gas Works Arts Park Melbourne on 11 September between 10am – 4pm- could be fun to knock down afterwards 😉 You can also visit Green Hat Workshop online

Have a happy Monday

x Nikki and Maree

PS it’s Maree’s birthday today – yippee!! Happy Birthday to you x


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