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This weeks giveaway is from the divine Famille Summerbelle.  You could be the lucky receiver of a NYC print based on an original papercut. The value for the print is $60. The print is unframed, size A2 (42×59.3cm), colour: red.  These prints are one of our all time favourites.

Famille Summerbelle is Julie (designer and creative director) and Simon (all the other stuff).  The name Summerbelle is an amalgam of their two family names and the French ‘Famille’ is just a simple but meaningful nod to Julie’s nationality!
What matters more is what they are trying to achieve. Their designs and accessories are created to achieve a delicate balance in decorating a child’s room: an inspiring and reassuring space for the child which retains the creative, elegant warmth that they try to achieve throughout our homes. A room for everyone.

We had a chat across the seas with Julie who shares an insight into her creativity and how Famille Summerbelle was born. 

How did Famille Sumerbelle start, what do you love most about what you do?  Famille Summerbelle started almost 4 years ago. We had just had a baby, and I wanted to create some original ideas for our daughter’s room. The Family Tree was perhaps the best of these – and is what kick-started Famille Summerbelle. We booked ourselves in for the next trade show, set up the website and we were off!

I love the creative development and the craft work most. Anything to do with the products really. I’m happy to leave the business stuff to Simon (my husband and partner)!

Favourite paper product – from us? I would have to say our new wallpaper (Un Dimanche a Paris). It’s a new design, and the first time that we’ve seriously got into wallpaper – and I love it!

The place in the world that most inspires me is Japan. It is such a creative country, inspired by design and of course culturally so interesting.

Are you what you wanted to be when “you grew” up? I think I’d have to say…absolutely yes! But that doesn’t mean I’m satisfied. I have so much more that I want to do!

What is your favourite hand made gift to give?  My dad always asks for a drawing (for birthday or xmas). I love to see the look on his face.

Black or White:  White
Tea or Coffee: Coffee
Heels or Flats: Flats
Short or Long: Short
Sweet or Savoury: Sweet
Night or Day: Night (but just because I LOVE sleeping!!)

Thanks Julie and Simon for your giveaway.

Visit Famille Summerbelle where you will find, wallpapers, paper cuts, prints, paper banners, cushions and totes.

Count the Sweets print

Paper Banners

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x Nikki and Maree


29 responses to “Giveaway | Famille Summerbelle

  1. Kirsty Richardson

    How divine!

  2. Here’s my comment! I’ve also: subscribed to your list, Liked you on FB, and joined FS on their blog. I already follow you on Twitter.

  3. Love this print!!

    I’ve subscribed to paper runway + liked on facebook + followed on twitter (@the_stat_boutiq) xx

  4. Papercuts are delicate poetry

  5. I’ve seen this beautiful artwork before. It’s just lovely!

  6. I really love this print. I’m a big fan of everything that has something to do with NYC since the moment I came to the city. Being a Dutch girl who just became a student it’s hard to collect cute prints to decorate my dorm. My favorite colour is red so.. yes.. this would be perfect!
    I’m also following Paperrunway in every possible way: I subscribed to your list, Liked you on FB, and joined FS on their blog. I already follow you on Twitter.

  7. I love those maps by Famille Summerbelle!

    I’m following Paper Runway on Pinterest, and reading Famille’s blog through Blogspot Reading List. I’m also subscribed to Paper Runway!

  8. I have enjoyed her work for years. She is so meticulous and her pieces are a joy to look at, and, I hope, to own! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  9. Signed up for your blog!

  10. Liked you on FB

  11. I’m already getting your email. Thank you so much for the great giveaway!

  12. I have been a fan of Famille Summerbelle for a while now. I bought my sister their London print a few years ago for Christmas, such gorgeous work!! I’m a fan on Fb already, are following on pinterest and now commenting 🙂 Great giveaway!!

  13. I love this. So strong and pretty at the same time!

  14. I love your graphic design/artwork/prints! And, I would be honored if I got the free poster! I proudly carry one of your Paris prints on a canvas bag and LOVE it! I will continue to follow you and your work. It’s inspiring.

  15. oh lovely!
    i’m subscribed to your email 🙂
    (part one of four)
    x candice x

  16. and i’ve joined you on facebook…
    (part two of four)
    x candice x

  17. and i’m following you on twitter… 🙂
    (part three of four)
    x candice x

  18. and i’m following you on pinterest!
    (part four of four)
    x candice x
    ps facebook & pinterest as candice sardo kay, twitter as dearcandy

  19. Very excited about this giveaway! I’m already receiving the email updates but also liked you today on facebook. Many thanks.

  20. I’ve loved Famille Summerville for a couple of years now. I love lots that Julie and Simon love, ie coffee, flats, short, sweet and sleeping. The intricacy of the oroginal papercuts is breathtaking. I’ve subscribed to Papercuts, follow on twitter @empressionistar, liked on facebook, follow on Pinterest. Love this blog and have linked from my blog
    Cheers Beck

  21. Absolutely beautiful! I hope I win 😉

  22. i love this so much!!!! xoxo

  23. Your products are absolutely gorgeous! Hope I win x

  24. I love being exposed to new artists (new to me, anyway!) via paperrunway. The work featured here is more than eye-candy – it is inspiration for heart, soul and mind. Thanks, paperrunway.

  25. I luuurve NYC graphics, and this one is the best manhattan map representation I’ve seen in a long time. Would love to see the original papercut in person – such painstaking detail is awe inspiring! Thanks paperrunway for once again opening my eyes to the amazing world of paper and it’s creatives. Love it!

  26. Congratulations Suzy McQ you are our winner

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