Savvy Chic The Art of More for Less | Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson has kindly given us 2 signed copies of her Savvy Chic: The Art of More for Less book to give to 2 lucky Paper Runway readers.  Leave us a comment below and tell us why it should be you …

You can read excerpts from Anna’s book from page 72 of Paper Runway: Ever After.

To enterthe giveaway it is as simple as leaving a comment below.
Entries close midnight 30 September 2011.


11 responses to “Savvy Chic The Art of More for Less | Anna Johnson

  1. I would love to win as I am a stylish “early 40, w/a pear shape,” sort of 🙂 and have champagne taste on a beer budget for sure! I love the blog and writings and would be honored to win this!!!

  2. Oh I would love a copy of Savvy Chic! I often find I spend money on the wrong things and struggle with using my budget wisely! Thank you Anna & Paper Runway for having this giveaway! The book sounds amazing!

  3. What a perfect present for my niece as she becomes an adult

  4. This sounds like a must read for me, I defiantly need to learn how to be more savvy with my $$$ and some lessons on chic wouldn’t go astray either!!! Suzie xx

  5. Oh please let this be me, I think this sounds like a wonderful lifestyle, something to share. Cute idea, looks like a stunning book.

  6. I just turned 45 (my gosh! How did that happen???) and I’m confused about my lifestyle. I need a way forward. Anna Johnson’s book sounds like a really good kick off!

  7. i’m a mum to two small boys who both dress better than me 😉
    i have anxiety & depression & often just try to blend into the background but am working on this by seeing a psychiatrist once a fortnight – i’d love to win this book to try to get ideas of what my style should/could be as i’ve really never felt like i’ve ever had my own 🙂
    thanks for a great giveaway
    x candice s

  8. “Simplify” has become my catch word for 2011 and Anna Johnson seems to have captured the essence of its meaning. I would treasure her book…and study each page! Thanks for the opportunity.

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  10. I keep re-reading Anna’s books and buying copies for my friends… I would give my extra copy of Savvy Chic to someone that really needs it!

  11. Oh yes please ..would love to win one for my Aunt 🙂

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