Linus and the Feel Good Factory

{How To Travel Through Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Style – the TARDIS reflects my love for Doctor Who and my geekiness}

We love Linus!  Linus is a super cool paper costume designer.  Instead of taking pictures in the real world, he aspires to bring his real world into the real world with verses and costumes.  He is determined to make people feel good (or bad) through his industrious attempts to photograph himself with props and paper cut-outs artworks, with or without quirky expressions.

Linus started his humble photographic career with 2 series of Flickr’s “365” daily photo projects, Linus has honed his talent expanded dramatically, while expanding his wardrobe of costumes and paper cut-outs. He has been invited to take part in various projects, including acting as art director for a Poubelle International CD cover and music video, and a tailor-made Carton Owl for U Mag’s Harry Potter-land cover.

Aiming for fame, glory, power, money, status and sexual conquests through meandering through fantasy and reality, Linus hopes that you will help him achieve his nefarious goals.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Linus and here is what he had to say …

Tell us a bit about you and your background I am a 29 year old guy from Hong Kong. I design paper costumes and write punny jokes and take a photo of myself everyday.

{How To Dress Accordingly In A Cocktail Party – How far-fetched I get my reference from, and my love for animals.}

Where do you call home Home is where I can kick back, lay on the sofa, watch Doctor Who in my underpants with my bunny by my side.

Do you remember when you first fell in love with paper I first started using paper because I ran out of props for my daily photos. Ever since, I have tried to experiment on the versatility of paper.{Proper Panda – It is my first ever paper creation – using an empty carton box and a few 3M memos}

How do you come up with the idea of paper costumes I first started to use paper because it gives me a lot of freedom to create shapes and I love the bold, blocky colours. I have always had a penchant for costumes, and the material gives me great freedom to create the forms I like, according to contexts.

When you are not making paper costumes what consumes you Reading and music take up a lot of my time, they also serve as my inspirations. Of course, I go on Flickr and check out other artists’ works. They are amazing. I also talk to my rabbit, he’s got a lot of wisdom.

Who or what influences what you do I like old Baroque art, from painters from the Flanders to opera in the court of Louis XIV, let’s say I indulge myself in my little “opéra imaginaire”. The stiff formulated ways of performance in the old Baroque opera was actually what I tried to create in the older self portraits and costumes.

{How To Remain A Virgin & How To Be A Renaissance Man – my love for the old baroque style of paintings}

Where do you draw inspiration from I draw inspirations from daily things, sometimes the most mundane things, or silly topics give me inspirations. I also like comedy, especially those that are full of geeky references and puns. My latest work is just a game of puns.

{How To Crash A Royal Wedding Party – Mundane things in life (inspiration) because … I am wearing washing gloves, and it was what just happened to be on TV}

What are you working on at the moment I am working on a daily self-help self portrait which I will create a scenario and make a paper costume, either to “solve” or discuss the issues.

What do you enjoy most about your creations I really enjoy working on a context which I have to draw references from various sources. For instance, I like to create a costume and a background that will resemble one thing, and relate to another very different thing. It’s a very good mental exercise.

Do you miss them when they are gone or do you keep them on the mantelpiece for all to see! I keep some of the costumes, and I sometimes give them away as gifts. I don’t get too sentimental if I have to chuck/give a costume away, because one should never bathe in the same river twice!

What are your tools of trade A few pairs of good scissors, a nifty cutter, a cutting mat and a pair of hands full of paper-cuts.

What do you love most about your business I love how I can look awesome and make people laugh.

What are you most proud of I must say I am proud of how I look  differently according to each title and costume of the day. I think I look absolutely stunning as a crazy ballerina in a Black Swan costume.

{How To Transform Yourself Into A Crazy Ballerina From A Movie – my pride and joy amongst the paper costumes}

Do you have a “usual” day  Everyday is a usual day. I like to enjoy life, and tell people how much I don’t enjoy it.

Tell us about your dream studio  A big tidy white space full of boxes and slots for my paper, with big windows, great sunlight and it should smell of thyme and oak.

How do you describe your style  Quirky, adorable and relatable. There’s always an animal in my costume.

Where can people find out more about Linus and the Feel Good Factory?  I update my Flickr account daily, and I may publish a book on the latest project.

Links to Linus

Thanks for chatting Linus

x Nikki and Maree


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