Much Love Monday | Angela Davies

We discovered Angela Davies’ work through her recent exhibition “Trace” at The Gallery Masham.

Angela draws inspiration from her creative practice fueled by a passion and a desire to explore the environment around her, looking for the fleeting ephemeral traces of our footprints in society. Influences derive from time and memory, objects silently disappearing into their surroundings, revealing the beauty of surface decay.

She uses old and discarded objects and obscure and decayed architecture as a starting point. She then combines and assemble the found objects along with distressed fabrics, paper manipulation, plaster, stitch, and wire to create a personal response in which she reflects not only on the tactile nature of the materials but also on the underlying meaning of using found materials to create new art from old.

As well as a stunning artist Angela is a specialist teaching practitioner of Art, Design and Textiles. This piece was from a Year 9 costume making workshop.

See more of Angela’s work online

x Nikki and Maree


One response to “Much Love Monday | Angela Davies

  1. I REALLY like this! Thanks so much for introducing me to her work, it’s fabulous!

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