Mr Yen talks Imeon Design

This weeks post features the fantastic paper pieces by Imeon Design. A little insider info for you….Imeon is Noemi spelled backwards which is the name of Imeon Designs creator!

When you first see Noemi’s paper designs, the first thing will notice is the amazing colour – and then the detail. Layers feature quite a bit in her pieces, varying from layers of a delicate paper peony to layers in a paper artichoke.

Each 3D piece is delicately hand created and Noemi has a great eye for colour and shape adding fun to each bright piece and creating designs such as the cake slices below – which are actually gift boxes and tiny flowers made of paper!

Next time you need something unique, quirky and different for an event, and you want to inject a bit of fun using paper, why not visit Noemi’s shop on Etsy and see her other wonderful creations! You will find some great, fun pieces that your guests will remember and cherish!

If you would like to see more of the pieces by Imeon Designs you can buy them here on Etsy, visit Noemi’s blog here or follow her on twitter here.

Mr Yen (also known as Jonathan Chapman) studied at Leeds College of Art and gained a BA HONS in Graphic Design. After leaving University in 2010 he had the opportunity to work on a few freelance design projects for companies such as Computer Arts Magazine and LYNX. In between freelance projects he creates hand cut papercut artwork that is for sale here. Visit him online at  and



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