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In her latest book ‘Nomad’, Sibella Court has created a “beautiful photographic collection of travel shots & styled spaces to show how to bring your travels home in the most unexpected of ways”.  Thank you Sibella for a copy of your latest book.

How did you start The Society Inc, what do you love most about what you do? I had been planning & talking about opening a shop with a good friend in New York: it would be everything that I loved, hardware & haberdashery, oddities & curiosities, finds from my travels & adventures. Living & working in the States, I had no time & was booked back to back with styling jobs. A short trip back to Sydney confirmed that a sea change was just what I needed! My entire loft was carefully packed up & shipped to a 1860s corner building in Paddington- and so The Society inc. was born. I love the shop so much because it is a reflection of me & the things that I treasure- the people that come & visit my shop are like-minded & share their own stories & adventures. Plus it has given me the time to pen three books (Etcetera etc, The Stylist’s Guide to NYC & Nomad), create a hardware range with Anthropologie, 110-colour paint range and nail polish, design super cool interiors for the Merivale Group plus private clients, run fun & interactive workshops (see for details) and design a Maldivian Island. This is where I’m having my birthday party in two years when it’s all done & everyone’s invited!

We know what we love about The Society Inc but what do you love about Paper Runway? It’s an amazing local publication that shines light on some of Australia’s super talented paper artists plus fun things from around the world. I’m all about local talent & discovering new artists & considering paper is one of my all time favourite things- I can’t go past paperrunway.

What is your favourite paper product right now: Old newspapers! I’m making a zine & am collecting old newspapers for layout inspiration. But I also have an extensive collection of all things paper: invitations, luggage tags, cards, postcards, maps, paper art, letters, contracts (haha), old blueprints & anything else paper that you could possibly imagine.

What place in the world most inspires you and why? My office with my two lovely assistants, Hannah & Leah! The whole world is inspiration, from the nasturtiums on my front doorstep to the world’s oldest souk in Syria. I travel for inspiration & when I’m feeling a bit stuck, a visit to the local Natural History Museum (wherever in the world I may be) is a sure thing to activate all my senses & ideas. Right now I’m researching for my fourth book, Bowerbird, all about the world’s collections. I have been invited into the vaults of herbariums, museums & libraries & have laid eyes upon the most wonderful of treasures (including an original Charles Darwin Origin of Species!). My book will be a sneak peek into these amazing places & should inspire you to go & visit! Plus lots of tips & techniques about incorporating your own collections into your home.

If you could do a different job for a day what would it be and why? I’d never want to do anything else. Maybe a professional explorer & collector like Charles Darwin minus the science. Then again, that’s what I do anyway when I globetrot sourcing & adventuring.

What is your favourite homemade gift to give? Last Christmas for Secret Santa I made a cardboard crown: it had long spikes & around it I wrapped paper rope and stencilled ‘the King of the castle’. I always bedeck the shop in cardboard bunting with stenciled letters & these end up in the homes of friends & family.

Answer these short questions
1. Black or White: nothing in my life is black & white! My cupboard is full of neutrals though: caramels, creamy whites &  soft browns.
2. Tea or Coffee: Soy Latte with one.
3. Heels or flats: Flats for running around & YSL tributes for events & parties.
4. Short or long: Short while I can get away with it!
5. Sweet or savoury: Anything takeaway.
6. Night or Day: Both- I love all hours.

To enter the giveaway from Sibella Court it is as simple as…

To enter the giveaway it is as simple as leaving a comment below as well as –
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Giveaway ends 18 December 2011.

x Nikki and Maree


8 responses to “Giveaway | Sibella Court

  1. oh lovely lovely, we would love to win!

  2. I have purchased etcetera and would love to win this gorgeous new book,

  3. I can’t wait to get my hands on Sibella’s “Nomad” – I have worn out etcetera! Thank you

  4. Looks like such a beautiful book! And ‘nomad’ is my little family’s secret codeword 🙂

  5. This looks like a wonderful addition to my collection!

  6. The book is beautiful –the cover alone…

  7. I am stuck in paradise (Northern Rivers) but my heart yearns to travel! It seems the only way I can do that lately is by looking at beautiful books and blogs! This would surely give my soul some food!

  8. would love to win, such a beautiful book!

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