Hello 2012

Welcome 2012 we are very happy to see you!  After a little mini break we are back, full of grand ideas and plans for you all this year.  We can’t give too much away just yet otherwise there would be surprises.

We are excited to release our Australiana zine today! A Celebration of Australian design.  With so many talented Australian designers that work with paper it was a hard list to choose from.

“Paper Runway showcases and acknowledges a snippet of Australian produced designs where the image of Australia is projected through their rich and varied creations and interpretations of symbols of identity; their exploration of Australia stemming from the iconic outdoor lifestyle and unique environment dominated imagery that we call home.”

Thank you to all involved and a special thanks to Grace Lee who illustrated the cover and throughout the zine.

Here is a taste of what is inside

Australiana is only available for purchase through our website or stockists (see the right of the blog for a list).

x Nikki and Maree


One response to “Hello 2012

  1. Looks lovely, a great selection. Need to grab a copy

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