Paper inspired bedding…

It’s the weekend and as we sit on the computer tapping away our minds (yes, we share a brain at the moment!) drift of to thoughts of sleep, intermingled with thoughts as always of paper… look at the bedding bliss we have stumbled on.

Collaged cardboard inspired…


Journal/Notebook inspired…

100524  0101Doodle duvet friends100524  0024Doodle Pillowcase


The paper look inspired…


Notepaper inspired…

Zakka Beige Khaki Red Blue Stripes Lines Cloth Fabric 55 x 19 Inches


Stationery inspired…

colourful pencils 4-piece setcolourful pencils 4-piece set




2 responses to “Paper inspired bedding…

  1. aaaaa..I LOVE THIS!! what a mega cool find…I will most certainly follow the links to see if any of these are within my budget this is a total hit for the nerd in me!! thanks

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