Paper coffee cups + Art = Love

Today we discovered Gwyneth Leech.  Gwyneth began drawing on her empty paper coffee cups during meetings in 2007. One thing led to another and the practice has come to absorb her completely. In partnership with Cheryl McGinnis Gallery, in 2011 Gwyneth has exhibited her cup drawings as public art installations in numerous locations around New York City.

‘Hypergraphia’ is an installation of drawings on upcycled paper coffee cups, Gwyneth has been sitting in the windows of the Flatiron Prow New York five days a week since September 20, 2011 drawing and painting on ever more cups and adding them to the installation. Now in its final days the show closes on February 18th.

Warning – heart palpitations ahead!

images courtesy of Gwyneth's blog.

We hope you enjoyed as much as we did – how wonderful it would have been to have visited in person.

x Nikki and Maree


One response to “Paper coffee cups + Art = Love

  1. So cute! I love this kind of art!

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