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Off to PNG…

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Paper Runway Photographer, Katie Waddell (nee Preece – she just got hitched), went to visit her brother, Matt, in Papua New Guniea recently. Katie shares her story of her trip and her stunning images with us…

“Why would you go there?” was the question I got when I told people where I was travelling. My brother Matt has worked and lived in PNG for three years and was getting married. He works as an aircraft engineer for a not for profit organisation called MAF.

MAF provide flights to over 250 remote bush communities with essentials like medical evacuations and community development. Because of the harsh terrain many villages are only accessible by either plane or foot. Over 80% of Papuans live a traditional life off the land with little or no money, so this service is life saving.

While at work he managed to get a piece of wire through his finger. Being a third world country the local hospital doesn’t have the best medical facilities. So he travelled to Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, a not for profit hospital which has a reputation for being the best hospital in PNG. Once there he was treated by Dr Becky, a volunteer from America, and that’s how two very important people to me met.

Matt and Becky are perfect for each other, in so many ways, but especially because they both love what they do and they do it well. They even help when they can at the local orphanage.

Living in PNG isn’t easy. Mining has changed the culture of some people in the cities. They no longer see each other in the traditional ways as brothers and sisters, but as opponents with only the fittest to survive. This has resulted in high crime rates in the cities; it is like living in a war zone, razor wire and poverty everywhere. The challenges of living in a remote non-western country also make living hard. Necessities like water and electricity can be cut off for days and things that are the norm in Australia are rare here; a block of chocolate will cost you AU$20.

Before I visited Matt & Becky I didn’t completely understand why they loved being in PNG in such hard circumstances. It wasn’t until I saw them in their element; the work they do and the lovely people they help, that I completely appreciated why they loved it there.

The people are so happy and friendly; everyone waves and smiles to each other calling ‘gut moning’ (good morning) or ‘apinu’n (afternoon). Children laugh and giggle when you show them their photos. The food was so good that when I came home everything tasted bland. The scenery was so beautiful it was dream-like. From the air I saw massive mountains and waterfalls, and on our approach to landing in Mt Hagen I saw countless shades of greens in all of the patches of little gardens and farms. In many ways it is paradise but unfortunately that is not always the case.

I am so proud of Matt & Becky and I hope this story will raise much needed awareness and support for the amazing organisations they work so hard for.

To find out more about MAF click here, to find out more about Kudjip Nazarene Hospital click here, to find out more about BFO Orphanage click here.

Aerograms from Hungry Workshop

If you haven’t seen the paper-licious aerograms from the lovely folk at the hungry workshop then you are in for a colourful, letter-pressed treat! Simon Hipgrave spoke to us about their new letterpress aerograms and the inspiration behind these neon-tastic paper numbers!

What was your inspiration behind bringing back the aerogram?
The Aerogram is an efficient design, there is less waste because there is no discarded envelope. It really confused us that Aerograms weren’t being made anymore even though efficiency and environmental ideals have never been more important, so we decided to bring them back. As for the graphic design, we like to think that you don’t send something in the mail everyday anymore so we wanted to create something that was as much fun to send as to receive. We try to do that with all our products.

We notice they are ‘formular’ aerograms. What key aspects in the design did you need to include when you were creating this product?
Formular aerograms are simply aerograms which don’t have an official postage paid built in. Which means they can be issued by private companies such as ourselves.

You mention the graphics are inspired by Native American design.
Was there any particular reason you were inspired by this direction?
The older I get the more I am starting to be a believer in things that are meant to be. Jenna grew up in a small town called Missoula (in Montana, USA), she has fond memories of spending summers at Native American pow wows. Before I met Jenna, when I was about twelve I visited the states and travelled through Missoula to visit my Native American cousins, and just so happened to attend one of these pow wows in Jenna’s home town. It was very likely that Jenna was there too, probably watching the procession mere meters away though we didn’t actually meet until 9 years later, on the other side of the planet, in Brisbane.

The pow wow was a place where Jenna and I never met, but we quite easily could have. So while neither of us are Native American that event is a place I often think about when I think about why I married the woman I did. It seems more and more possible that it was out of my hands.

We had the inspiration, but while we were working on the design we were having a bit of a mental block making the shapes quite right. So we went for a stroll and stumbled across a very old, very worn couch in a shopfront window just up the road. It was covered in a ghastly pattern, but it was perfect for our purposes – so we used that as a base and modified it for our aerograms.

Neon is very on trend and also often used in The Hungry Workshops projects. What is it that you love so much about neon colours?
Neon colours (like letterpress itself), lights up your senses. It tickles your eyes like letterpress tickles the tips of your fingers. Together they remind you that you are an offline, physical thing and hopefully they get your hands off the keyboard and eyes off the screen long enough so you can take a second and look up and appreciate the awesome, bright, smelly and tasty world around you.

When choosing the paper stock, were there any particular reasons you chose Stephen Scrambled White?
Its locally available, carbon neutral and gets a reasonable impression.

330gsm is quite a heavy weight grammage. Any reason why you went heavier rather than a lighter weight like the more traditional aerogram?
We didn’t want to use any glue so the aerogram had to be self closing with tabs, the heavier weight makes it sturdier. It also has the bonus of being just that little bit more physical. It feels good to hold.

The postman is definitely going to remember delivering one of these aerograms… is than the sound of the mail man… better dash and check!

Finders Keepers Melbourne – Round up

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The beautiful Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton, was lucky to play host to the Finders Keepers Market Melbourne, and boy was it spectacular! The biggest surprise was the masses of people – it was intensely busy and at times difficult to move from one stall to another comfortably. However it was amazing to see Melbournians embrace the ever-evolving handmade culture, and we have the Finders Keepers crew to thank for bringing this unique creative society to the upper ground. There were certainly some stand out stalls, some new and some that get better year after year. In addition to the abundance of incredible products, it was great to see stallholders making such a huge effort to create such visually appealing displays. But, of course, I can’t help but focus on all the paper goodness that these events showcase, so here is a list of the favourites from the market…

A Happy Death
This stationery brand hit me like a ton of bricks [in a good way] with their bold, geometric and very colourful gift tags. They collaborate with a variety of different artists, which means that their range is ever changing. They make everything locally and pride themselves on bring environmentally friendly – yep, that’s right; they are all kinds of awesome. Issue 5 of Paper Runway (out on 30th April 2012) features a interview with A Happy Death.

Blank Supplies and Inspiration
Simplicity is the greatest and that’s exactly what these guys represent. Blank produces what may seem like a basic range of products but it is what they encourage customers to do with their products that make them so wonderful. They have a fantastic range of blank stationery for customisation, my favourite being the blank notepad cube that can be coloured to your hearts content and its only $10 – hello mother’s day!

The Supercool: This mobile emporium of vintage home wares and stationery amaze me every time with their ever changing range of deliciousness! New to the range is a selection of It’s a boy/It’s a girl signs which are great for baby shower props. They come in a variety of different fonts and they also have Mr/Mrs signs – great for weddings! The Supercool have also started stocking stationery by UK based Present & Correct – the most amazing stationery known to mankind! [Can you tell I’m a fan?]

Truth Be Told: This charming stationery brand from Melbourne had the stand out greeting card at the market. A printed rosette + a fill in the blanks aspect + pastel colours = YES PLEASE!

Write To Me: Planning a wedding? No? Well this elegant stationery label will have you wanting to get married ASAP because there range is simply exquisite. With the collection being prominently kraft paper based it is the illustrations that make each item unique. So, go get hitched.

Photos & Written by Marsha Golemac | Three Nations Blogspot

Issue 5 of Paper Runway (out on 30th April 2012) features a interview with Marsha Golemac and her stunning paper works. See Marsha at The Paper Trail, in Byron Bay. She is hosting a series of fantastic paper-centric workshops. Book a spot and be inspired. Place limited. 

Issue 5 now available for pre-order

Paper Runway Issue 5 is releasing on 30 April 2012.  It is not only going to be the biggest and the best issue yet, it’s going to include a world first for magazines of this kind, using iPR (Intelligent Print Recognition), so it’s not to be missed!  We are so excited to share this issue with you, it’s positively bursting from it burst bound seams! Featuring our cover artist the very talented Stuart McLachlan, yes that is a hand cut paper boat wrapped around actress Sophie Lapin’s shoulders.  A huge thank to Stuart for creating ‘Aurora’s Night’ a true masterpiece, Simon Cardwell for his amazing photography, Sophie Lapin (model/actress) and Yvonne Savage (Hair and Makeup).  Inside you will be greeted by A Happy Death, Anthony Peters, John Murphy, Béatrice Coron, Damien Barlow, Peter Callensen, Lauren Clay, Chris Gilmour, Marsha Golemac and so much more.

Pre-order your copy here today!

Paper work with Shannon Morton

In my previous job there was a real push to make it a paperless office but I say why not create your whole work space out of paper! Have a look at these wonderful office products – all made out of lovely paper (furniture included)!

1 Log cardboard stool |
2 Peach notepad |
3 Paper chair |
4 Modular bookshelves |
5 Vintage telephone notepad |
6 Astro rocket |
7 Tex Longhorn | trophy
8 Pleated lampshade |
9 Typography art print |
10 Cardboard radio |
11 Bench |

Shannon x

Shannon Morton has spent the last 15 years working in the publishing industry and has been the Art Director of many magazines including Donna Hay magazine in Australia and Livingetc magazine in the UK. She now runs her own graphic design company and enjoys creating lovely things for people and their businesses.

Visit Shannon at and