want to be involved with paper runway?

we will be keeping this space up to date for specific call outs so if paper is your game then watch this space


Issue 3 will be released on 1 November with a focus on made by hand.  Submission deadline is 20 September 2011.

We are looking for the following for Issue 3.  If your products are not on the list don’t be shy tell us anyway.  Please email product or submission suggestions to in the first instance and we will advise of products that we will require for photography or high res images (300dpi).

  • Hot paper – any new products that you would like us to review?  Please email details or send to PO Box 221 Brunswick Heads NSW 2483
  • Want to be a contributor to Paper Runway?  Calling all –
    • Paper artists
    • Sculptors
    • Illustrators
    • Writers
    • Paper Lovers
    • Illustraors
    • DIY
    • Photographer

    we want to hear from you.  Submit your work to  Please note that we do not pay for contributions, but your work will be seen by a unique vast readership (at last count Paper Runway reached 859,987 paper lovers!).  Please ensure that your submissions are your own and are not plagarising someone elses work. Ideally we would prefer submissions that are exclusive and have not already been seen elsewhere.

  • Do you have an up coming event that you would like us to help spread the word?  Tell us by emailing
  • Wrapping
    • Wrapping Paper
    • Paper twine
    • Paper ribbon
    • Tags
    • Gift wrapping ideas and submissions
  • Giveaways
    • We are looking for products giveaways for the 3rd edition.  The products must be paper based and to the value of approximately $50. You will receive promotion in the magazine, blog and social media sites.

Submission and product deadline is 20 September 2011


Online Special Editions

Our second supplementary/mini issue is all about Entertaining.
We will be releasing the Entertaining issue in mid September.  If you have any products/submissions that you think we may be interested in please forward details, we are looking for the following specific items –

  • Invites
  • Place cards
  • Save the date
  • Thank you notes
  • Menu ideas
  • Grown up party/styling ideas

Submission and product deadline is 1st September 2011

Online Special Editions – Next Issue Gift Giving…

Submission deadline is 1 November 2011

Our advertising space is filling up for the Entertaining online edition and Issue 3 if you would like more information on our advertising rates please email


Guest blogger

We are looking for a guest blogger with the focus obviously being paper in all its glory!

Our blog will be undergoing some changes, particularly in the key areas such as opportunities for illustrators, emerging paper artists worldwide, events, news, information, and a general celebration of paper love.  The focus will be based internationally.

We are looking for a guest blogger with paper, design, writing knowledge and skill.  This person may also be used for some writing projects for the magazine.

If this is an interest of yours, and you think you can author a post of between 100-250 words weekly, we’d love to hear from you.

The position is unpaid, but your work will be seen by a unique readership and allow you to gain experience with various modes of writing whilst researching interesting paper topics (mostly of your choice). We will link back to your own site and/or blog in each post and on the home page of the blog.  Posts will be promoted on all of our linked social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and newsletters.

To apply, please send an email to  Please include some information about you (we’d like to get to know you!), your contact details and links to of your work.

We would love to hear from you.  If you do apply please do so with the intention of taking up the position.

As this is an online position you can be based anywhere in the big wide world.



calling all generous fellow paper lovers/retailers…

We are looking for giveaways for our third issue (Nov1).  If you are able and willing we would love you to provide us with a paper product together with high res and low res images.  We will credit you for the giveaway in the magazine and also include on the blog, Facebook and twitter.  The giveaway advertising will start being promoted on the blog as soon as we receive your confirmation.  The giveaway will only be open to subscribers.  We ask that your product be to the value of $50 or more.  If this sounds like something you are interested in then we would love to hear from you.  Send your giveaway details to moi.



would you like to join us at paper runway? submit an idea? a product? a story? a photo? a tutorial?

we would love to hear from you. paper runway is based on the love of paper. we love showcasing ideas, products and stories that we believe will inspire our readers. so whether it is a diy, a fab find, a party idea, a hot selling paper product that you want to tell us about – share share share.

whether you’re a paper lover, a designer, illustrator, paper sculptor, party planner, you may be a creator who would like to share your art or a terrific tutorial or have an amazing paper discovery we would love to consider your

we don’t pay for submissions or products. if you would like to be featured in paper runway you will be credited for your submissions.

for contributions of products for features, submissions of articles, photographs and tutorials please email with either your photos of products (low res to start with would be great), your pitch
and other illustrations, you may like to include a reference to your portfolio.

if you have an idea that is not listed then don’t be shy tell us about it.


are you a subscriber of paper runway and want to show us your style?

here’s how …

copy and paste the text below and answer the questions – yes it really is that easy!  then email your answers to ~ don’t forget a photograph of YOU (to help us label the image surname_given name).  please email 72dpi images (low res) first and we will contact you if you are to be featured




How do you use paper in your daily life?

What do you love about paper and creativity?

What is your favourite letter of the alphabet and why?

Tell us your favourite colour?

Black or White?

Hot or Cold?

Tea or Coffee?

website url, if applicable:

blog, if applicable:

shop, if applicable:


say hello

we love feedback and would love to hear from you.  send us your suggestions, ideas or just tell us how great we are (or not)


share the love

help us spread the word on Paper Runway.  we would love you to mention us in your blog, tweets, Facebook, tell your friends, family, neighbours, shout “paper runway” from the rooftops!

muchas gracias
x the paper runway team


10 responses to “submissions

  1. We publish artists and illustrators on paper and we are intrigued by you 🙂

  2. I am so excited about your ‘maiden’ publication.
    I have a great love a paper and paper craft…

    I look forward to your magazine!

  3. Congratulations!!! I am a colombian packaging designer and I am crazy about making things with paper. Great to have another inspiring site, blog and magazine.
    Best Wishes!!!

  4. Hi I have just found your site it looks great. I can’t wait to see your first edition of Paper Runway, will it be online or in shops? I am a party stationery designer, I sell my collections as printable pdf’s on my etsy shop my blog is I would love to work with you in some way…maybe a printable giveaway.

    All the best with Paper Runway.

  5. Hi Rachel again 🙂
    After signing up to your newsletter I was sent the link to issue 2 (fantastic by the way). I then came to your website for the first time and read issue 1. When I came across you last week it was this blog that I found and I didn’t see any links to your paper runway website. Maybe I’m not looking to well!

    Just incase you are missing other new readers you my want to make to link to your paper runway website a big button. Ignore me if I missed it.

    All the best.
    Rachel at

  6. How delightful to visit this beautiful blog early this Saturday morning. When my 12 grandchildren visit me they see me folding paper. I have taught quite a few of them how to make a Kusudama flower. they actually gave me a gift of a Kusudama mobile. I share my love of paper with anyone who will listen. Thanks for all your information. Karen

  7. Hello! Your magazine is wonderful! Are you still looking for a contributer to the blog?

  8. Hi, love your magazine, i was just wondering where your offices are based?

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