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Make a garland with Kitiya Palaskas

Shape and colour are two things that have constantly inspired me as a designer.  I’m following on from last month’s project with another vivid and geometric DIY. If you’re like me and love planning a party, you’ll know that it’s the decorations that tie everything together! I’ll slave away for days on intricately constructed bits and pieces to make my party special. Something I’ve always found handy is to have a box of colourful bunting and garlands tucked away that I can pull out and reuse at each party – they really fill out a room and add instant cheer. This garland project is SO simple and easy to make. You could whip up a collection of different coloured strands in no time and use them again and again at all your parties.

You will need

Shape template
Coloured or patterned card stock
A sewing machine
Colored sewing thread (or twine, optional)
Hole punch (optional)

Step 1

Use the templates provided to cut 15 of each shape from coloured card. You could also use the shape template from last month’s tutorial if you want.

Step 2

Use a sewing machine to sew a line through each shape. Do not cut the thread after each shape, just pull it until there is approximately 3cm thread between the previous shape and the new one. I would suggest having a separate needle for sewing paper, as it can blunt the needle. Keep one in your sewing box specially for paper and change it each time.

Alternative to sewing
If you don’t have a sewing machine, don’t worry! Simply punch a hole at the top and bottom of each shape and connect each with twine or string, knotting the string through each hole.

Kitiya Palaskas is a craft-based designer and creative workshop tutor based in Sydney. View her work/read her blog.


Shopping Spree

Break open your piggy bank and bring home some colour with this kaleidoscope of cheerful paper goodies. These happy and bright bits ‘n bobs come from some of my favourite online stores. Enjoy!

1. Moustache cards from Poketo
2. Loveheart envelope seal stickers from Packagery.
3. A Colourful Rebellion print from One Side Zero.
4. Polka dot notebook from Lazy Oaf.
5. Chevron gift bags from Hey YoYo.
6. Japanese paper balloons from Uguisu. 

Kitiya Palaskas is a craft-based designer and creative workshop tutor based in Sydney. View her work/read her blog.



Mr Yen talks Valérie Buess

Valérie Buess creates objects and sculptures from all different types of paper, with astounding results! – she uses paper as her material, which she then manipulates using various techniques to create a variety of different forms and shapes. Valérie’s pieces are great objects in their own right, but I also think they make stunning images for photographs.

Valérie’s use of colour and tone has a very striking impact (as in the image above) plus the little peek of typography on the rolled up pieces adds a nice little surprise when you look closely. The way that she creates shapes within shapes changes how you view paper and the paper “threads” above are a great example of this.

The mix of colour and form in the image above give the illusion of movement, like a sea creature moving in the water, or some organism under a microscope! I love all her pieces as they really make you think about the possibilities of paper. Which is your favourite piece?

You can find more work by Valérie Buess here.

All images copyright of Valérie Buess.

Mr Yen (also known as Jonathan Chapman) studied at Leeds College of Art and gained a BA HONS in Graphic Design. After leaving University in 2010 he had the opportunity to work on a few freelance design projects for companies such as Computer Arts Magazine and LYNX. In between freelance projects he creates hand cut papercut artwork that is for sale here. Visit him online at  and

James Gordon

While I was in Sydney at the trade shows I came across the work of James Gordon at the Agence de Parfum stand. Now when I say came across, I actually mean it slapped me in the face. The monochromatic palette. The HAND CUT paper sculptures, the luxurious purfume ‘hero’ bottles standing on top of their own paper columns. SImply stunning… amazing!

Unfortunately that was the day I didn’t take my camera with me, but luckily the lovely people at LifeInstyle had a fab photographer covering the show. Phew!

The other thing is James Gordon is  going to be part of Paper Runway | The Paper Trail so keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming announcements!

Feast your eyes on this and enjoy!

Tom Moglu’s daily collages

A guest post by Kitiya Palaskas

I live in a very, very, VERY small apartment. With hardly any room to store anything, you would think that I would try to rid my life of unnecessary possessions and clutter. This is all very well in theory, but very hard to put into practice!  Despite my attempts at living a minimalist existence, the space under my bed is a chaotic collection of boxes and cartons filled with things that are apparently important enough to keep (even if I don’t remember what all of them are). This includes a giant suitcase filled with paper scraps and offcuts that  I “just might need for something one day”. I really had no idea when this day would actually come until I discovered the work of Tom Moglu, a collage and mix media artist who appears to suffer from the same affliction as me (but is actually doing something about it!).
Tom (who apparently once upon a time was a cheese seller to the Queen of England) collects scraps of bills, books, coloured and patterned paper, maps, book pages, and receipts and uses them to create colourful, textural and geometric paper formations in a variety of shapes. Originally from the UK, he now lives and works in Paris, collecting these bits and pieces of paper and giving them a new life by tearing, grouping, and layering. Sometimes each scrap is placed deliberately but other times the groupings are completely random. He creates a collage a day from these precious scraps and documents each one on his blog.  I love the notion of finding beauty in forgotten and seemingly unimportant things. It’s inspired me to pull out that old suitcase and put its contents to use!

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Kitiya Palaskas is a craft-based designer and creative workshop tutor based in Sydney. View her work/read her blog.